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FACTUM with experts searched for safe watermelons – and found them!
FACTUM с экспертами искали безопасные арбузы – и нашли их! 24.08.2018

In the regional center, the shares went on checking bakhchevyh on nitrates. The event was organized by users. In the center of the market, the ghost is absolutely free and few minutes to check the safety of the fruits and vegetables. It 's kind of interesting, everything, darchvyye. One of the first experts on the rocks was a scurvy, but only a few times the number of nitrates in the world exceeded the norm.

    - We have tried the watermelon, apricot, apricot and eggplant, the precedence was only revealed in watermelons. The luck of nitrites, in the first case, is that they are inhibited by the hemoglobin, and for the sake of getting oxygen, "said Irina Sytenko, a VKO expert on national expertise. - There is also a possibility of an organism in the body - the temperature drops to the body and the body.

Specialists are encouraged: The dead are excluded, for this reason you need to eat at least a kilo of five hundred kilograms of carbohydrates. Кстати, сама экспертиза продукта на нитраты впольне доступна - 900 тенге, дороже проверять товара на пестициды: стоимость известного извлечения - от третняч тенге.

    "These promotions need to be fed, the meat is routinely checked, and there is no fruits and nuts, and just do not worry," said Valery Ilyin. "Probably, retirees or all of a sudden they can let go of the check." Thank you, for the time being, for those who want me to have a good meal and a fruity meal,

Experts recommend the hawks to be bachhovs or not in August, and this is why the products are from the southern regions of the country, as far as the quality is concerned.

"According to the products that nitrate exceeds the norm, the protocol will be added, and the disaster will be delivered to the supplier of the sanitary rules," said the chief specialist of Ust-Kamenogorsk Dulat Seytky on the sanitary-hygienic supervision of public health facilities.

By the way, experts will try to get the meat and dairy products in the nearest time.

A correspondent or FACTUM corresponds to the Watermelon, which corresponds to the rules of nitrate feeding.
Source: https://factum.kz/2018/70800/