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Examination Center: Belyashi and pasties on the market are safe, but it will not be possible to identify the delay
Центр экспертизы: Беляши и чебуреки на рынке – безопасны, а просрочку выявить не получится 24.08.2018

Fruit, butter, sausage and meat products, and also milk products, try to gorozhana on one of the markets in the city. In the products of the body, especially the technician, these products can be found in the manufacturer of various bacteria, and this risk is to take the salmonellosis, diphtheria and many other infectious infections. And in the flour-producing productions, the experts make a precedence over nitrate.

- The express test results in a moody result, a special pencil that we are confronted with in a product, in which case the cabbage suspension is blended, it is mixed with the component and the special device will result in the result, - said Irina Sytenko, a VKO specialist on national expertise.

By the way the checking of machined and popular pies, meat pies and pasties. Surprisingly buyers products were safe, and the contents of the baking was sufficient heat treatment. Homemade milk, sour cream and cottage cheese were also tested, the products also showed optimal results for bacteria. But to identify the delay on the shelves is now becoming more difficult.

– There is one snag, according to the entrepreneurial code for the day we have to notify the objects of the inspection, of course all products with expired shelf life, as well as improper quality clean, so the detection is much lower, – said the head.

Food inspection is not finished in the near future, experts will visit large stores.

Source: https://factum.kz/2018/71766/