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Today in the markets, melons and watermelons are crowded along the road. Nevertheless, we do not lose sight of the dangers of early gardening. 

It is well known that the number of people infected with fruiting in the form of fertilization, splitting and diseases of the oral cavity. We also looked for an answer to the question of how horticultural products, which entered into trade in the first months of summer, influenced a person.

Since mid-June, open-air markets and roadside traffic have been rushing on the streets in neighborhoods. Those who want to try buy. However, it is important for residents to consider the danger. After all, the amount of nitrate in the early product is too high. The true ripening period of watermelons is the end of July and the beginning of August.

In order not to make a mistake when choosing watermelons and melons, do not trade in illegally organized markets. In these places, sanitary requirements are not met. Early products are best chosen at specialty stores and outlets. If the widow of a watermelon melon, which is sold on the way, can lead to acute intestinal diseases. Because the heavy metals contained in the car quickly spread to the fruits.

The main requirement for nitrates is 90 mg / kg, in watermelons - no more than 60 mg / kg. Excessive increase causes poisoning, liver and kidney diseases, nervous and cardiovascular diseases.

During the summer season, businessmen should strengthen production control. Need feedback from buyers. This can determine the quality of the product through self-monitoring. Obviously, this will be optimistic for the businessman. If a specific case of poisoning is registered, the complaint will be filed and will be strictly punished.

According to the doctor of sanitary and epidemiological service of the city laboratory of high-tech research Malik Turmanov, poisoning is more often registered in the summer.   at this time, first you need to wash the stomach of the patient.   to suppress activated carbon, symptoms of intoxication, it is advisable to take 2-3 drops of vitamin C. for the prevention of acute intestinal infections, special attention should be paid to the quality and safety of melons.

In the central Mirlan market, melons and watermelons are on the rise. The cost of 1 watermelon is 100-120 tenge, and melons - 300-350 tenge. While in the gardening of our region there are no fresh products. According to sellers, we transport watermelons from the south of our country.

The Kazakhs should not have said "sick disease." At the same time, be careful not to eat toxic spring foods.


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