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Arriving at a convenient hour for the patient, laboratory specialists quickly, painlessly and safely produce a biosecure material.
About NCE
The Republican State Enterprise on the right of economic management "National Center of Expertise" of the Public Health Protection Committee of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan carries out activities in the field of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population. NEC is a system with a wide branch network that covers the whole territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our center is aimed at constant improvement of sanitary and epidemiological expertise,
reduction of research terms, ensuring accurate and reliable results for public health needs, as well as ensuring timeliness of anti-epidemic and preventive measures. The center strives to ensure the safety of life and health of labor for the population. The center seeks to increase the professionalism of its employees, providing the necessary working conditions.
News and events
Tibor Tsoher - the international accreditation laboratory specialist has provided training for the NCEE
Pesticides - not dangerous if they are used wisely and enough, told the Center of national expertise
Residual pesticides, nitrates metals - all this can be contained in the soil and in products and household items.
FACTUM with experts searched for safe watermelons – and found them!
Облыс орталығында бақша өнімдерін нитраттарға тексеру акциясы өтті. Іс-шара тұтынушылардың өтінімі бойынша ұйымдастырылды.
Examination Center: Belyashi and pasties on the market are safe, but it will not be possible to identify the delay
Fruits, vegetables, sausages and meat products, as well as dairy products were able to check the townspeople in one of the markets of the city.
БҚО дезинфекция орталығы Ашық есік күніне шақырады
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